The Thirty-first International Education Fair “Education worldwide”

Европейская Ассоциация ВУЗов и преподавателей высшей школы HiSTES - High School Teachers European Society

The Thirty-first International Education Fair “Education worldwide” will take place in Moscow on 18 February 2017 and in St. Petersburg on 19 February. This fair has been held for 18 years. It is organized by Inter-University Center of international educational programs (IU Center) in partnership with the University Fairs I Studycentral Ltd (UK).
This exhibition is different from others taking place in Russia in that it is actively involves schools and organizations around the world.
Participants of the event are accredited higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, national and international organizations and associations, embassies, training institutes, agencies foreducation and employment abroad, distance education centers, publishers, the media, producers and distributors of educational literature and software products.
About 100 educational institutions and organizations from 20-25 countries such as Austria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, the USA, Finland, France Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Estonia and others will take part in the exhibition.
In 2017, the fair will also include some special sections:
• Education in North America.
• Higher and secondary education around the world.
• Foreign languages, summer universities, youth camps.
Participation in the fair is free to visitors.
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