A partner of High School Teachers European Society

A partner of High School Teachers European Society – the platform for webinars and online trainings “eTutorium” presents a conference “Motivation and gamification in eLearning: new ideas, case studies and practice”. Event will take place from 30 to 31 January 2017.
This is the second online marathon such format. It is planned that the event will be attended by more than two thousand participants in two days. There will be 14 speakers are experienced experts-practitioners working both in Russia and in the CIS countries at the conference. Among them is a member of the Association HiSTES, author and developer of e-learning courses – Natalia Kuznetsova.
For two days, participants will plunge into the world of technology and the tools to involve in the educational process, interesting game development, different cases and techniques of motivation..

“To inspire and implement!” – The slogan of the upcoming conference.
Who can participate in the event:
– Universities,
– Training centers,
– Leading webinars,
– Online teachers and tutors,
– Independent trainers, consultants, coaches,
– Heads of HR-departments and HR managers
– Company experts for the implementation of e-learning,
– The heads of corporate departments of education and universities,
– Corporate “motivators,” etc…
At the conference everyone will find himself something useful and interesting. Specialists of the education will get new ideas on how to make online training sapid and effective, and business representatives will learn existing tools and techniques, motivating and involving employees in the process of online training.

Details and registration link – https://etutorium.ru/landing/motivation_and_gamification/


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